Emmys And Maddy's Case Study: Servuction Model

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Question 1 Services are defined as the production of an fundamentally intangible benefit, which through some form of exchange, satisfies an identified need, either in its own right or as a significant element of a tangible product (Palmer, 2011). In Emmy's and Maddy's case study, it discuss the service encounter experienced by the Hoffman family, from their first interaction with the hospital to their departure nine weeks later. Mr Hoffman’s wife is the recipient who have a high involvement in the personal service and Mr Hoffman is another one who involved in the service with his wife. The service is a high contact encounters which has high level of tangibility .It could be continue as long-term relationship if the service experience meets…show more content…
The servuction system included a service operation system invisible to the customer and service delivery system visible to and experienced by the customer. The invisible component is the back stage of the hospital, which is the operations infrastructure. One of the infrastructure is the shift change of the doctors and nurses. It stated in the case that it was shift change between nurses and Dr Johnson took over for Dr Baker. The staffs of the hospital are lack of communication in the shift change and it affect the efficient of the service provide process. Another infrastructure of backstage is the information form, customer will be given forms to complete, which included personal information and insurance information. Mr Hoffman stated that despite of they completed the forms and returned them two weeks ago, they have to fill it again. Besides, when Emmy returned to hospital for an ultrasound, they have to provide the insurance information to the hospital again although she stayed in NICU last time. These mean that the hospital had poor data management system. It makes customer fell annoyed when keep provide the information again and again and it was also a waste of time and resources. Others, staff scheduling is one of the operation infrastructure stated in the case. There are different schedule for each staffs, for example, Dr Baker works start from 7.30am…show more content…
Front stage can be separated to two which are servicescape and contact personnel. Servicescape is the inanimate environment which the services produce and provided. Based on the case study, the emergency department is one of the servicescape. There are wheel chairs at the emergency entrance but without well-label to make customers have easy access to the sizes of the wheelchairs. It is also lack of parking lot for the emergency patient's family. Mr Hoffman had been informed that he should not park the car in the existing position and have to move it but he is in the urgent situation. Other than that, maternity ward is also a servicescape. The delivery room and the recovery room are within the maternity room on the third floor of the hospital . Maternity ward was where Mr Hoffman's wife prepared for giving births. It is the place they met with Dr Baker and his assistant use ultrasound trolley to check the positions of the baby. Besides, the delivery room was the place his wife delivered the babies and the recovery room was a basic hospital room. Mr Hoffman's wife moved to forth floor in order to closer to her babies. The private room on the fourth floor was small, dingy and dirty. Furthermore, the Neonatal Incentive Care Unit (NICU) is located at the fourth floor to provide care for premature babies and babies require special care. Banners in bright colour had made by staff , taped them

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