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Hatchet. The idea was fresh and new to me. However, it was somehow terrifying, too. When I looked at the word, 'Hatchet', a scary scene of a man with crazy face and a dangerous looking hatchet. However, unexpectedly, the story was somehow beautiful, with every details alive. The very beginning of the adventure comes up with a boy named Brian. In a small bushplane Brian takes a flight with a pilot to his father, who is a mechanical engineer. In his heart, Brian suffers from the pain of the word, 'divorce.' He thinks that it is very ugly, and it tears him apart in pieces. Yet, he does not cry during the flight, which shows that Brian is a determined person and can take things seriously. Suddenly, the pilot has a heart attack, and Brian…show more content…
However, he still remains calm, and think of solutions. In my opinion, he is really good at being calm in bad situations and looking for ways to fix them, and that his Brian's personality. Using the advantage of his characteristic, he first finds water resources from the lake and builds up a clumsy shelter by using the rock near the bank of the lake. The first food source, gut cherries he calls, have too much strong taste and made him throw up. Therefore, he finds a new type of berries for food, raspberry. He feels happy with the sweetness and familiarity of the raspberry. During the night, a porcupine attacks Brian, and he has a hard time pluck all the quills out of his leg. At this moment, he feels very lonely and painful, realizing it is too much for him. Yet, he gets an delightful hint from his dream, the creation of fire using his hatchet becomes a great hope and encouragement for Brian. This is my favorite part, because fighting with the hardship and finding the hope on your own is always impressive. Brian's actions impressed me a…show more content…
They were the two main problems that Brian tries to overcome through the whole story. Also, he had to overcome the loneliness he had experienced when he was out there in the forest all by himself. Thankfully, Brian had a positive, sensible and bold personality which saved him from the problems. As I read along the sentences, I thought that the story is very similar to Robinson Crusoe, which tells a survival of a man who gets isolated in an island. Robinson had to face the hunger, loneliness and fear through his adventure.However, Robinson is a man and Brian is a boy. Since Brian is much younger, the problems were more realistic and closer to

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