Rogers Sporting Goods Case Study

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Rogers Sporting Goods This is a family-owned retail store that sells fishing equipment, sporting and hunting gear. The store has been in existence for more than three decades now and the quality of their service keeps getting better. Their head offices are located in Missouri, USA. At Rogers Sporting goods, you can find all that you need for leisure and professional activities. The products that are featured include a variety of brands from different manufacturers. There are hunting equipment, archery tools and ammunition. You will also find guns and tools to use when doing marine activities. Turn fishing into an exciting activity by getting all your equipment from Rogers Sporting goods. They have the best to help you become a great fisherman. You can find rod and reels or the rod/reels combo. You can buy several for group fishing as a family or together with friends. Hooks and soft baits are also available making Rogers a one-stop-shop for a fisherman. If you live in the Antarctica or simply enjoy doing ice fishing, then you can get ice augers and Eskimo shelters. The Eskimo Shark Z51 8 in. Power Ice Auger is one such product that you can use when you are in icy areas to better your fishing experience.…show more content…
With Rogers Sporting Goods, you can find an array of archery tools and accessories. They sell brands from Hoyt, Matthews, Bear, PSE, Elite and Mission. Become the next sharp shooter by buying the quality bows, arrows and other accessories. There are various models including compound bows, Cross bows and fishing bows. The Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package is one of the bows sold by Rogers Sporting Goods. It has a stylish look and guarantees the user safety thanks to its anti-dry fire feature which prevents it from firing when there is no arrow. Because of this, the bow will serve you

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