Analysis Of William Paley's View On God

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Section: 1 God Question: 1 William Paley articulated an argument for God’s existence in examining the complexity of the world. In his argument he concluded the explanation for why God must exist. He did this by comparing the universe to a watch. Something that we take for a simple item is so complex in many ways. Without one part, the whole thing could not work. He discusses that in order for the watch to be made, the watchmaker had to have made it. Without the watchmaker, the watch would not exist. Paley then compared the watch to the universe by both of their complex structures. The universe is huge and it is amazing that we are able to live in it. So, Paley then said, like the watch, the universe must need a maker. In this case, the maker would be God. Without God, the universe would not be possible just how the watch would not be possible without the watchmaker.…show more content…
One of his critiques is that a simple inanimate object such as a watch is not a good comparison with the universe. He mentions how the universe, being so large and extraordinary cannot be compared to a machine. He said that in order for it to work it would have to be compared to other things “such as a crustaceans and vegetables” (Test). He then says that, since we ourselves don’t know the “designer” of the vegetables and crustaceans, Paley’s argument fails. He explains that artifacts are created by people and not “natural” so the watch can’t be compared to the vegetables, the universe, or

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