Persuasive Essay On The Underground Railroad

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Imagine that you are a slave at a southern plantation in the 1800s. You arrive late to your work, and your master whips you so badly that you cannot work at all. Your bed is barely a bed, more like a pile of straw with a blanket over it. You don’t eat well, but are forced to do endless work in the cotton fields from sun up to sun down. You want so badly to run away, to get out of the horrible life you were raised to stay in. The good news is, you can, thanks to the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a secret group of abolitionists across America that helped escaped slaves to freedom in the North or Canada. It was the safest way for a runaway slave to earn their freedom. The conditions of slavery were simply unbearable, and worth it to escape from. But there was more than just freedom. There were so many opportunities for a slave to get an…show more content…
In the Mission US: Flight to Freedom game, the main character Lucy, once fleeing to the North, stays with a black couple as their niece, and helps out with their laundry business. She also has false free papers. There were many opportunities for a fugitive to start a new life and make a successful living once they escaped. In the North, there were many abolitionist groups that not only fought for the extinguishment of slavery, but protected escapees from slave catchers. The communities were very helpful in finding someone a place to stay and a job, and would even teach them how to read. A free black person could work as a carpenter, seamstress, tailor, shoemaker, grocer, and more. They would usually stay with another house of black people and pose as a family member or a friend. In America, there was still a risk of being caught and sent back into slavery, but in Canada, an escaped slave could live freely and do whatever they

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