Education In Frankenstein

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The issue of education can be viewed through a psychoanalytical perspective because education had a strong influence in Mary Shelley’s life. When writers commence a book it is usually because something inspires them. However, many times these inspirations can come from things that occurred to them,whether they are conscience of this or not, and it is reflected through in their writing. In Frankenstein, there are many traces of Mary Shelley’s personal life. She herself was exposed to a well rounded and valued education. It makes sense that the troubled protagonist’s fate would be due to the knowledge he exposed himself to. One of her family’s friend was Samuel Coleridge who wrote the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and this had a huge impact on her. Mary Shelley obviously knew the importance of education and its benefits as well as its downfalls. During the time period that she wrote this book education and new ideas were growing rapidly. It was in fact “scary” to see how one man’s curiosity could lead to something so grave.…show more content…
Today an education is usually obtained through schooling where an instructor teaches certain subjects. It is possible to teach yourself some things however you lack seeing a problem or topic from a point of view other than your own. This type of learning takes longer and a person can end up having misconstrued ideas and concepts. In Frankenstein, the creature shows a rapid development in his comprehension, reading and speech which leads to his quick understanding that Victor is disgusted with him. Through education he exposed to the reality of his
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