Maturity In Frankenstein Research Paper

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There are many different types of maturity. The type that can come with age. The type that can come from having an epiphany. The type that can come with age or growth. Even the type that can come with experiencing love and heartbreak. Everyone can be at different levels of maturity no matter what their age is or where they are in life. Some people will never reach maturity, some have enough in them for 5 different people. When it comes to literature, there are various types of maturity within different genres as well. Take A romantic traditional text such as that of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley versus a modern traditional text like that of The Dubliners by James Joyce. Both show signs of maturity and both show signs of the lack thereof. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein barely shows any, and if he does it is for the wrong reasons. In The Dubliners and its various short stories we see the progression of maturity in The Encounter, the lack of maturity in The Little Cloud, and maturity for the wrong reasons in Eveline.…show more content…
Frankenstein falls under the tradition of a romantic novel. The story itself is implausible; Victor Frankenstein uses science to create this creature of unreal dreams, they travel all over Europe and Antarctica, murder after murder take place out of revenge and spite. There is always some type of hope though, or love that is present. All of these are romantic traditions. However, looking at The Dubliners, we see a modern tradition text. All of the characters from the various stories are faced with the harsh reality of life and what living in Dublin entails. This means the everyday life of oppression, hopelessness, and a need to escape. Yet, even in the presence of opportunity and knowledge, the characters know that they will never leave Dublin. Both stories and traditions however play into the theme of maturity or lack

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