Sir Isaac Newton: The Gravity Of Genius And Frankenstein

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There are many films that I enjoyed watching this semester, but Sir Isaac Newton: The Gravity of Genius and Frankenstein are the two films that I enjoyed most. The movie Frankenstein is originally written about an eccentric scientist who generates a monstrous creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Rather than focusing on the scientist of the story or even Frankenstein himself, I chose to compare the author Mary Shelley with Isaac Newton. These two souls stood out to me the most considering their noteworthy talent. Watching and learning about both of these historical figures really grasped my attention. Not that these two individuals are more similar than they are in opposition, but the stories of their lives were educationally intriguing. Sir Isaac Newton was born in the early baroque era where Mary Shelley was born close to a century and a half later in the late 1700’s. Considering their differences in generation, it is understandable why their polarity is much stronger than their similarity. Newton was a mathematician and connoisseur of calculus, where Shelley was an English novelist famous for her short stories inspired by her “travel writing”. Comparing Isaac with Mary is like trying to analogize arithmetic and composition. Some say that opposites attract. Who knows what else…show more content…
A specific dream, better described as a nightmare, is what helped conjure the notion for Shelley to fabricate such an artificial beast. Her vision is what composed one of the most widely known monsters in the world. Without her concept of magic and the unnatural bringing of life, the oversized green barbarian with bolts in each side of his brain would likely not exist today. Similarly, Sir Isaac had his own scientific ideas. In his day, he was known as a natural philosopher. Today, we respect this historical figure for his key influence of the scientific

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