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Through self-education and spending time in nature, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein monster emphasized the need for humanity to reconnect with nature and learn the goodness that humanity once had and learn their place in the world, in which if not could stray man toward being emotionally apathetic and misery. An example of the latter follow the novel’s protagonist, Victor, whose secret obsession with the origin of life and ways of learning led him to his foreboding researching. The consequence of his research led him to be consider God in his rights for a brief amount of time before nature took back her right to procreate and punished Victor until his death. Although, Shelley was not necessarily criticizing the type of education that Victor received,…show more content…
While Victor had a passion for learning and was raised in a rather unconventional household that was rather lax toward learning. As mentioned by Victor: “Our studies were never forced; and by some means we always had an end placed in view [...] We learned Latin and English… and our amusements would have been the [labors] of other children” (Shelley 21), that unconventional way soon laid down the path of despair for the family. Once Victor discovered the works of Agrippa that his father hastily threw away without any explanation, it excited Victor to a higher level that ended up with him created his monster, blurring the line between God and man. It also clouded his vision of what was truly important to Victor, and that was his family, which Victor disconnected from while using all of his physical and mental resources building the monster. Lawrence Lipking, the author of critical text Frankenstein, the True Story; or Rousseau Judges Jean-Jacques, expressed the idea in simpler terms: “Despite Victor’s many gifts and privileges, an arbitrary method of teaching has made him hungry for useless knowledge that poisons his soul” (Shelley 428). In this case, it was his interest in Gothic superstition that cause him to dwell into the forbidden realm and ate nature’s forbidden fruit. Consequently, it angered nature, caused it to come after him and made him paid for his unapproved

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