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One, whom is interested in American Literature, and/or Gothic Literature, should always consider learning about the greatest American Author, Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a good idea to always know about any author whose stories you enjoy the most. Such as, learning about what originally got them started, what inspired them, who they inspired, education, and what life events maybe helped them with their writing, let’s get started shall we? Poe is one of the first American poets to be well-known still today, along with Robert Frost and Walt Whitman (Minor). Poe’s poems and short stories are still a huge influence on most American poets and writers today yet, still as popular and well-known as they was in the 1800’s. Many great poets, dramatists, and composers like Poe as their most…show more content…
Poe was credited as the creator of the detective story although there were other sources influenced by this (May). “At this point, Poe discovered a new way to capitalize on his popularity as a critic, writer, and generally respected man of letters. He joined the lecture circuit, delivering talks on poetry and criticism in various American cities. Poe continued to present lectures on literature for the last five years of his life, with varying degrees of acclaim and success, but never with enough financial reward to make his life comfortable. Even the immediate sensation created by his poem ‘The Raven,’ which was reprinted throughout the country and which made Poe an instant celebrity, still could not satisfy the need for enough funds to support his family” (Rasmussen). Poe was never really a drinker in his days but after stopping in Baltimore on the way to New York, he started drinking and was found on the street drunk and disheveled, Poe then died three days later from delirium tremens

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