Anatomy Of Football Analysis

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Anatomy of Football Football is a well enjoyed sport played by many,it is also the United States Of America’s favorite sport to watch,so exact because most people just watch the sport let a long playing it why? in view of the fact that football players are getting bigger,stronger,and faster and are in danger,football is a risky,rough and physically played sport the average injury a football game has increased from 3.2 to 3.7 per NFL team (Barnett,2009). Everytime athletes step out on whatever platform they’re performing on there in risk of getting injured,whether you make the wrong step or fall the wrong way,offense or defense,there is risk to playing the sport of football,what it is and how physics plays into each move that a player…show more content…
What is the Anatomy of a football hit? Sir Isaac Newton and his science helpers developed the “The laws of motion” we experience everyday. Newton had a plan that was executed, starting from a simple three drafts that he accumulated during the process.His first draft concluded if there was no force on an object,it does not accelerate,second conclusion was that if there is no force on an object it is center of mass so it doesn’t accelerate and his final and third conclusion was if there was no force there is no motion.Everything revolves around motion ,motion is the action of moving and being moved,but there is no motion because no force was added to the object or the tested objects,force is the strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement,but back to the…show more content…
Scientist can calculate the force of a tackle in a very simple way.They use the speed and mass to determine the force of the hit ,also the motion of the football player.Example a 5’9 199 pound defensive back who runs the 40 yard dash in a blazing 4.56 seconds produced up to 1,600 pounds of force when tackling an opponent full speed onto the football field,we have over 400 football athletes weighing over 250 pounds in the national football league unbelievable,believe them hits hurt,but the researchers say the field absorbed most of the energy the opponent did not. (higgins,2009) They also calculated the shock when the player had gotten tackled the scientist called the shock G-max.To measure G-max an object that approximates a humans head and neck(about 20sq. in. and 20 pounds) is dropped from a height of 2ft.A low G-max means the field absorbs more energy then the player these hits with the G-max implied is the main causes of injury

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