Personal Narrative: The Driver Who Changed My Life

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A lot of people in America will end up driving and even more drive daily and don't even think twice about it. How is it that people can just drive as if it’s an instinct nowadays, without the blink of an eye, turn on a vehicle, put it in drive and press on the accelerator? Well, when I began to get the rhythm of driving, I managed to hit the ground running I believe. However, even though I started with nothing I’ve managed to come a long way and can get on the road and go all over the place without any trouble. Even though I may think I’m “amazing” at driving, it took a lot of practice to get the hang of and stuck rather quick and that’s just how I work. I believe I’m a different kind of person honestly, don’t tend to learn like most do but that’s what makes me unique. When it comes to driving, most people will start off with…show more content…
I was so anxious to get behind the wheel and feel what it was like to be in control of the car, I couldn’t wait any longer! The next couple of days I’m counting down waiting for it to be the day I change forever, just thinking of my future of going out and doing whatever I can imagine because I can drive! Now that I can do whatever I want, I finally understand the only limiting factor is money and gas, sadly. Anyway, it’s finally my time to shine, I’m riding with the instructor, he pulls over and we talk about simple driving procedure, then it’s finally time! First things first, it was amazing and exactly what I imagined, sitting behind the wheel ready to take my first “steps”. Everything is ready and it’s absolutely amazing, it has reached its climax and I’m ready to go out into this world. I start to accelerate and it honestly goes better than expected, with no experience at that! All in all, I look back at that as a great accomplishment of mine, will never forget this and am quite proud of

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