Driving Under The Influence On Drunk Driving

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Driving Under the Influence Every minute many people lose their lives in the world. A large amount of those deaths are caused by drunk drivers that is something that is inevitable and drinking is totally futile. Drunk drivers are devious when they drive on the road and create a lot of pandemonium on the road. How many people will have to die before we realize how dangerous drunk driving is? There are many reasons to why people drink and drive. Some people just drink to have fun and don’t really mean to hurt others. There are always special occasions like parties, weddings, or big moments in life where people take a drink or two, but you still have to get home. Many others drink because of depression or personal issues and don’t really know…show more content…
Each state has different laws, and consequences for driving under the influence, but mostly every state has the same types of laws. Every state, on average, suspends drunk driver’s license for about 50 to 125 days. The state can also take the driver's license away, if the driver is convicted more than twice. That should keep other drivers safe and it will possibly decrease the death statistics. The second fact I found out about drunk driving laws was that the drunk driver could also go to jail, if the driver is driving under the influence and injures or kills someone. The jail time will depend on what the driver has caused while being drunk. Another interesting fact I found on this website was that, if the driver can’t get around without his or her car, the state will give them a ticket, which tells them to go to a nearby car shop, so a ignition interlock can be put into their car. The interlock is a very interesting thing because it can detect alcohol. The driver has to blow into it, so it can start the engine. The engine can only start when the driver blows into it. The driver has to blow into it every 10 minutes and whenever the car comes to a full stop. If the interlock detects alcohol, the engine will stop and the drunk driver can’t drive and can’t drive under the influence. The interlock is a really safe thing to put into a common drunk driver’s car, so they can’t hurt someone or take someone’s life away. I think that the ignition should be put in every drunk driver's car that has be convicted more than once because who knows if he or she will not drive under the influence

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