Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Robert Armour

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There are many gods and myths of ancient Egypt and Robert Armour does a great job at summarizing the importance of these gods to the Egyptian people. Amour starts of by telling us a few stories then goes on to a lineage of some of the main gods and gives a brief description of each. The first god Amour tells us about is Ra, the son god. Ra was said to be pictured as having the head of a falcon and the body of a man. In most Egyptian pictures Ra is seen holding a scepter and an ankh, an Egyptian symbol meaning life. The next god in the lineage was Shu, god of air. Shu was given human features and was known as the wind in Egypt that cooled the houses in the summer. Tefnut is next, goddess of mist. Tefnut was said to be savage in the desert but…show more content…
Geb was the god of the earth. Ra had gotten bored and decided to make the earth alive he then put Geb in charge of it. Geb was in charge of the life on the earth and the death beneath it. Nut was the goddess of the sky and the wife of Geb. The myth that is most often associated with her tells of her son being born and passing through the air until he gets to her mouth she then eats him and he doesn’t came back until the next morning when he is born again. The Egyptians applied this myth to how the sun rose and set every day. Osiris was one of the most well-known gods of Egypt. It is thought Osiris was once a human ruler in Egypt and because of his wisdom and likeness by the people they made him a god. The legend has it that because of Osiris’s popularity among the people his brother, Seth, became Jealous and killed him. His wife Isis found his body parts and gave them to the gods to repair, after they did so they named him god of the underworld. Isis, one of the most well-known goddesses, is the

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