4.4: Reasons Of Teen Abortion

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4. Reason of Teen Abortion 4.1 Introduction Most teen who are facing an unplanned pregnancy decide to choose abortion because of similar reasons. As a human being, they cannot escape the reality of our world which demand everyone to be person who is useful and obeys the rules. When they are being trap in this kind of situation, they probably have some questions to critic their mind. Typically, ‘Do I have money to raise this child?’ or ‘Is my life will be disturbed because of this child’ will be the most common questions that play in their mind. Many teenage girls die due to a dangerous abortion method. For example, some of them use herbs or toxic substances and sharp tools (most often used) to abort their children. Some are looking for an…show more content…
Several questions (including two that has been mentioned earlier) will keep running in a teenager’s mind. Probably, the answer for that questions can be influenced by multiple factors including but not limited to (1) where she lives, (2) the religion she follows, (3) her relations with her parents or (4) influence of her peers. Her socioeconomic status and educational level also play a role. For socioeconomic status, teenagers who become pregnant are in huge disadvantage when it comes to educational matter. When they plan to have the baby, their educational plans can be greatly interrupted and it can put them at the risk of poverty which later this will put them in great suffer when raising their child. Lack of financial support also influencing teen’s decision to abort the child. This reason can be supported with Maslow’s theory. Based on level 1 of Maslow’s theory, we as a human have several needs to survive in our life such as foods, clothes and place for living. This reason is not related with family matters and just solely from teen’s perspective. They are still young and do not have any experience regarding the cost of raising the child. They also may need extra costs if they choose to earn some money. Extra cost here means that who want to take care of their child when they go to earn money. This reason also can be supported with Maslow’s theory but based on…show more content…
Most teens feel depressed if they choose to give birth without support from their families, especially their parents. Teens have no choice but to abort the child if the child's birth does not get parental support and cause future planning for the teenager to be disrupted. Whether the teenager is decides to abort or give birth, parents often send them to a single mothers' home where such an attitude has long begun in our country. Parents often tell their friends that the teenager 'lives with her relatives' to keep the secret. Already in the culture of our society, most teens are frightened and uneasy in expressing their pregnancy issues to their parents. Because of this, many teenagers are desperate to end their pregnancy because of the firmness of their parents. 4.2.3 Societal Acceptance Our society is no longer a society that practices tradition and conservatives, although some still exist, but the society is now more progressive. However, they still adhere to the social stigma associated with teenage pregnancies, especially unmarried ones. It has become the norm of our society that considers pregnancy for a teenager bring disgrace to the good name of the

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