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The book I read is called The DUFF and the author of the book’s name is Kody Keplinger. This story is about a seventeen year old girl named Bianca, who is in her last school year of highschool which is Hamilton High. This school is full of your stereotypical cliques where all the people belong in a group which is why Bianca doesn’t like her school. A DUFF is an acronym for designated ugly fat friend, she doesn’t know anything about what a DUFF is until the most popular guy in school calls her one. That guy is the one and only Wesley Rush, she despises him because of the stuff he’s known for doing in school. What she doesn’t know is that he’ll be her escape from all the things that are happening in her life and that she’ll start to have more feelings for Wesley Rush other than hatred.…show more content…
She goes through a lot of things like losing her friends because she’s hanging out with Wesley too much even though they don’t know she’s hanging out with him, when she ditches them. At first she just talks to Wesley but they soon become closer and closer leading her to telling him a bunch of her secrets and Wesley doing the same by telling her things about his family which he doesn’t really tell anyone. Even though Bianca feels self conscious when Wesley calls her a DUFF she later realises that a DUFF is just a word and it doesn’t mean anything and that anyone can think their a DUFF if they feel different. Bianca is also struggling with problems involving her family because they are getting a divorce which her father isn’t taking lightly. She gets past all those struggles and becomes a better person by the end of the book, she happens to get through with the help of the people she loves and

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