Dr Pepper Snapple Group Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis
 The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has 20,000 employees and has used that to their advantage, the employees maintain the reputation of the company with their Call To Action. DPS has also achieved a 40 percent reduction in their “lost-time injury frequency rate” since 2009 surpassing their original goal of 25 percent. (http://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/company/reports/) In 2008 the company invaded the stock market due to their strong foothold throughout the American market and acquisition of other brands. The company is a proud owner of a wide range of carbonated flavors and hold contracts with other major beverage companies. The greatest impact or threat to the company is the competition from globally established brands the most prominent being Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Dr. Pepper Snapple group receives seventy percent of their revenues from North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico). (http://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/company/reports/) However, another competing factor comes from health conscious people and companies who demote drinking soft drinks. This has the potential to decrease the amount of sales of the company. In order for the company to continue with the immense amount of success there are opportunities that should taken. The company should look into expansion…show more content…
It is very difficult to conceive of any technological changes that could ruin Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (unlike businesses in faster changing industries). These characteristics make Dr. Pepper Snapple a suitable investment for dividend growth investors. (http://www.suredividend.com/dr-pepper-snapple-group/)
 Dr. Pepper Snapple scores high marks for safety due to its presence in a slow changing industry, recession performance, and strong brands. (http://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com) The company appears to be trading at fair value and offers investors above-average total

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