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In the article, Dr Pepper Reaches Out to Younger Hipper Audience, the author Mary Lisbeth D’Amico discusses the current target market for Dr Pepper; younger hippies. Dr Pepper is trying to reach the younger generation by having different “hip” artist in our generation in their commercials (D'Amico, 2013). Being that the youth is the future, developing a strong customer relationship early would result in the product being spread by association. Dr Pepper not only targeted millennials, but also men when the company came out with Dr Pepper Ten. This soda targeted mainly younger males who want to have a low calorie intake, without it being a diet soda (Harrison 2011). Dr Pepper focused on who their target audience was and how they were going to persuade them to buy their…show more content…
Ways that Dr.Pepper can improve its marketing mix is by expanding its place. “As of December 31, 2011, DPS operated 20 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Mexico” (Unknown, 2015). Dr Pepper has many products other than the regular Dr Pepper brand. Other products are 7-Up, Crush, Sunkist, Mott’s, Hawaiian Punch, Snapple, and the energy drink Venom. Because of the many products that the company has, the pricing strategy would be affordable according to each type of product. According to Dr Pepper Snapple, the company is improving their distributions. Not only will the product be in stores, but will be improved in vending machines, convenient stores, coolers, retail outlets. When a company improves their distribution, that company will have increasing sales and growth in their business. That is exactly what Dr Pepper is doing by increasing where their products will be distributed. Also according to Dr Pepper Snapple, to reduce the costs they will create greater manufacturing and distribution. Dr Pepper Snapple also distributes to third-party distributions such as PepsiCo and

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