Comparing Women In The Little Mermaid And Beauty And The Beast

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Fairytales show a highly gendered representation of women. In traditional Disney films, heroines are focused on their sexuality, precisely perceiving the heroines’ extreme pale skin tones, small waists, delicate limbs, and full breast. Women in Disney tales rely on their looks. When analyzing the two Disney films “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” you can notice that this is very evident. In the film “Beauty and the Beast”, Belle is recognized throughout the village for her beauty, as she is slim, with fair skin tone, hazel eyes, brown hair and blushing cheeks. Like ballerinas, Belle walks persistently and swiftly on her toes no matter what types of shoes she is wearing, or where she is located through the film. This is important because the society…show more content…
Ariel needs Prince Eric’s love so she can stay on land for the rest of her life, but if not she becomes a poor unfortunate soul. Ursula sings a song called Poor Unfortunate Souls, while she was speaking to Ariel about Ariel’s desire to be human. This song describes how Ursula helped many poor souls “to be thinner” and “to get the girl”, as Ursula sings she puts on lipstick, she styles her hair, and dances seductively by using her eel as a boa swung around her neck. Ariel is able to win Prince Eric’s love immediately just by her beauty and body language. In Disney tales the evil female characters tend to share similar physical characteristics. Their physical and features and their behavior is nothing like the princesses. Usually the unappealing female characters are frequently associated with traits that the heroine does not have. For example Ursula is considered big, and hideous who portrays some masculine features. Where as Ariel is thin, fair skinned, and has what is considered to be feminine

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