Immigration To Canada Research Paper

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Canada is ranks first out of other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members for annual flow of immigration. Every year, Canada accepts about 250, 000 immigrants and spends about 64 million on immigration per day. This raised many questions as to whether immigration is a good idea, or Canada became simply a social assistance and job finding program for people from other countries. Although the benefits of immigration started to decline within the last decade, overall it does have a positive impact on the Canadian economy because it provides more labour force, it fosters innovation and helps solve problems regarding under population, that improves the quality of life. One of the positive impacts of immigration is…show more content…
Highly educated individuals are key to innovation in fields ranging from medicine to technology. Almost 605 of male immigrants and 51% female who immigrated to Canada between 2001 and 2005 had a university degree. In fact this number is greater than the US, increasing the possibility of Canada becoming an innovative world power instead of the US. Canada also has the power to pick the professionals it lacks, for example if it lacked cardiologist, it would accept more cardiologists therefore improving the healthcare. People from different countries also bring in new ideas and new ways of problem solving that bring them success. Looking at the long term, the children of immigrants have very promising futures. Since children interact in schools, they share ideas and once they grow up they will be able to create products that would become innovative on a global scale. “Having a global work force helps us create products that serve a global marketplace,” Mr Baker, CEO and founder of a successful company, Desire2Learn, says.” If we don’t have the skill set to help us understand how to serve those markers, we can’t do business there.” Successful entrepreneurs have contrasted that innovative ideas come from a knowledge of people behaviour, and since children interact in schools, they will have more knowledge of different cultures, and will be more successful in the marketplace. The immigrants coming to Canada are highly educated, in fact the immigrants under Manitoba’s provincial-nominee program have education levels three times higher than the provincial average. In addition, immigrants are 60% more likely to hold a university degree compared to those citizens that were Canadian-born. This is not just a coincidence. Immigrants come to Canada to become more successful and they work twice as hard since they experienced a bad life in their home

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