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Foods Dominican Republic has a wide variety of foods. Many of them have seafood, meats, rice, and beans. La Bandera or "The Flag" is meat rice and red beans. Mangu is boiled banana chips. Pasteles en Hojas is wrapped turnovers cooked in banana leaves; and various casseroles, stews, and meat dishes such as goat, pork and chicken rinds. For desert they like to have "Manceia" which is chocolate or vanilla pudding. Clothing They have many styles of clothing. They come from Spanish and African mixed influences. They wear bright colors like red, yellow, and orange. In the summer they wear t-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops, light jackets, and blouses. At dinner you dress up some more so women wear long skirts and nice shirts. Men wear trousers. At festivals they wear bright clothing and some wear costumes.…show more content…
90% of people. 10% other people are other mixed religions. When Columbus came to Hispaniola they brought the Roman Catholic religion with them. But recently over the past coup of decades some other religions like Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim has been making a comeback. Music They have lots of music. There most popular form of dance/music is the Merengue identified by its 2/2 and 2/4 steps. It is a mix of African and European culture. They use three instruments melodeon (accordion), a guira (cheese grater looking instrument that is scraped), and a tamboura a double headed drum. Kids learn this dance at a young age. If you ask Dominican people will gladly teach you. Art Dominican peoples art is very vibrant and bright. It is sold at almost every gift shop in Dominican Republic. There art used to be on historical events. The 1940s are an important time for art there. The first art school Escuela National de Bellas Artes was opened. During this time many artists expressed the political needs of the country in their art. They have had many art periods. Festivals and

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