Saint Paul: Pharisaical Jew

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Saint Paul was a Pharisaical Jew from Tarsaus, who was well educated. He converted to Christianity, and then committed to a life of preaching and being a Missionary. Saint Paul rose from the challenges that his faced, to bring new and more people into the church, he was martyred because of the success he had while introducing things people into the church. Saint Paul, who was originally named Paul, was born in 10 AD in Tarsaus, which is now known as western Turkey. Paul was raised as a Pharisaical Jew, which is a Jew that follows certain teachings. He was he persecuted Christians, he even took part in the stoning of Saint Stephen. Paul was a tent marker, and he was a student for one of the best Jewish teachers that were teaching in Jerusalem. He was a Roman Citizen, which meant that he had to go for trial under Caesar when he was arrested for his religion. Saint Paul is known to be one of the earliest Christian missionaries, he became a…show more content…
One of the Impacts that he had was that he caused a lot of confusion for both the Pharisee Jews and the Christians, when he converted. The Pharisees especially, would have been confused about what cause Saint Paul to convert so suddenly, and about why he did convert. Saint Paul’s preaching’s caused a lot of people to convert and to join Christianity. He tried to get Early Christians to accept Gentiles into the Church as full members. This meaning that more people were again joining the church. Saint Paul introduced a lot of Gentiles and other people into the Christian church, causing the church to rise in the numbers of people, and causing Christianity becoming a more popular religion. Saint brought Christianity into the Roman Empire. Saint Paul as a missionary started up Christian communities in cities such as Rome, Ephesus and Corinth. Saint Paul wrote letters, Paul’s letters talked about the beliefs of the Church, and how Christians should try to live by

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