Do You Agree On The Constitution Essay

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In order for all thirteen of the colonies to be united under the law, after the civil war; they had to get all of the states to agree on the constitution. The constitution was made to establish friendship between each state. They also did it to secure liberty and for defensive reasons. To do this, each state had to approve the constitution but, they also had to come up with a plan that everyone liked, divide the powers of each state and each branch of government so that not one is too powerful, and it had to be simple and straight forward so that there will not be any mistakes. The first thing they had to do is come up with a structure of government that all thirteen states agreed upon. Virginia was the first to come up with a plan. The government…show more content…
James Madison saw that the bigger states should have more power in congress then the smaller states due to population. This plan also gave the government the right to make and reject some laws passed by the states. He also came up with that the public should vote for the president and the legislature would vote in the congress. William Patterson proposed the New Jersey plan. He basically wanted to reshape the Articles of confederation. It came up with the idea that each state gets an equal number of votes and that each states make their own laws. The Big states did not like this plan because there were many smaller states than the bigger ones. The Connecticut Compromise was the final plan for both. It brought together ideas from each side so that it would be fair. This stated that there will be two houses. In the smaller one, states would be represented equally and in the house, population would represent the states. The impact of this was so great they often called it the ‘Great Compromise’. The Constitution gives the government certain powers. The government can only exercise those powers, which are stated in the constitution. The constitution also stated some
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