Personal Assistant Sequence Pattern

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My most recent position at an insurance agency, as a personal assistant from 2009 until May of this year is what comes to mind when reflecting on my past work history. My duties included answering phones, assisting clients with their insurance needs, ordering supplies, setting personal appointments for my boss, organizing all data and files keeping everything in order. The tasks that I enjoyed most about my position was that I felt in control of the way things ran within the office. My Sequence pattern was helpful to be one step ahead of my boss when working on a project. I loved speaking with our clients and getting to know their needs and lives, as well. I would have to ask a lot of personal questions and obtain necessary information…show more content…
This would drive me nuts I think that my Sequence pattern would make it a bit difficult to not let it get to me, but also complete what was needed. I did not enjoy having to recall a client after my boss just spoke with them to ask additional questions that he did not ask. I know it was my Sequence pattern that would cause me to be annoyed, yet it was my Precision pattern that was okay with asking more questions and obtaining the pertinent information needed. I did not enjoy when I would be on the phone explaining what was wrong with a clients’ bill or policy. My Technical Reasoning pattern was able to understand the problem, however when relaying the information to the client I made sure that I researched every step so that I would be able to explain in accurately. My Precision and Sequence patterns, both were present for that part of the task. I did not enjoy when it was slow I like to keep busy, when this would happen my Confluence pattern would help me to offer some ideas and brainstorm with my boss about how to increase

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