Choices In Romeo And Juliet

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Choices are made by people all the time, with the intention of improving their lives. Choices can be big or small, but the choices have a huge impact on the individual’s lives. Moving on, even though Juliet Capulet and Robert Frost are characters from two different writing of literature written in different time periods, the two character have some similarities and differences in regards to their choices. Juliet and Frost are alike as they both make choices that they do not regret, however, the two differ since Juliet choices are impulsive whereas Frost’s are thoughtful. Furthermore, Juliet’s choices are based on her emotions unlike Frost, who makes choices using his mind. In the end, choices made by both Juliet and Frost have a huge impact…show more content…
When Juliet and Frost make choices, no matter the outcome, the two do not regret their decision. For example, in act 4, scene 3, Juliet drinks a vial given to her by Friar that would make her appear to be dead for 48 hours, so that when she wakes up she would have missed her marriage with Paris and also get together with Romeo, “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s a drink, I drink to thee [Shakespeare William4.3.55].” However when Juliet wakes up, she sees Romeo’s dead body and upon seeing this horrid sight she takes her life without any regrets. Similarly, when Frost is thinking back to the time when he had arrived at the point where he had to choose a path that was divided into two roads. After some analysing Frost chooses to take the path that was less traveled by and he does regret that decision as he states “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” where he implies that the choice he made ages ago made him the person he is today and he does regret his decision. As you can see, both Juliet and Frost make choices which they know that they will not regret. While Juliet and Frost do have a similarity, they also differ in sense of much though they put in their
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