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Grades are used to measure success in school, and getting good grades is seen as the pathway to a successful career and life. Scott Key argues that grades are not a good judgment of future success in his article, Do Grades Really Matter? Good grades are a representation that a student can deliver what the teacher wants, but not that they will do well later in life. The so-called meaning of success is ingrained into people’s minds their whole lives through the expectations of society. Success, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” Many people view success as a measure of the material things someone owns, or the level of society they make it to. This definition is inadequate.…show more content…
It doesn’t allow for much flexibility, and tells people that if they don’t have money or power it means they’re a failure. A thick line is drawn between succeeding and failing. For example, the grades of a student are compared to others, meaning that doing well is really just beating another student. This creates the expectation that at least some people have to fail. But success is more complicated then simply winning or losing. Everyone has some kind of failures in their life, but that doesn’t mean they are unsuccessful. Success should be the combination of small achievements and setbacks that are built up throughout an individual’s life. By redefining this term, more people would work towards goals that are better suited for them instead of feeling the pressure to achieve success in what society deems…show more content…
Everyone has a different understanding of what success means to them. Whether it is in a career, love life, friendships, family, or education, success should be about achieving what ever it is in someone’s life that is important to them. School is so focused on grades that students miss out on learning life skills that can help them be successful in alternative aspects of life. Scott Key points out why having real life skills are more important then getting good grades in cases such as Winston Churchill and George W. Bush who were both poor students, saying, “Emotional intelligence also includes the ability to develop relationships, work with a team and, most importantly, lead with vision.” Since the majority of ones life is spent working to become successful, the definition of what success is should be dependent on what they want to

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