Horses In The Civil War Essay

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Horses are naturally strong, fast, fierce, and bred to work. They are a symbol of high power. The soldiers began to adopt the old war tactics of mounted knights. In the civil war, horses were used in many different units such as cavalry, mounted infantry, dragoons and irregular forces. In WWI, their jobs began differ due to the use of tanks and modern technology. They were mostly used as logistical support, relaying messages, pulling heavy war equipment, carrying the wounded and transporting supplies. They were used for a variety of jobs in war but over time and through the shift in technology and war tactics, their jobs changed as they began less valuable for war and more valuable to farm work and pleasure riding. Horses played a vital…show more content…
They were constantly being shot at by heavy artillery. They were killed by gunfire, infected by diseases and disorders, and most were severely injured by weapons and poison gas. They were involved in the horror of trench warfare but were believed to be the supremacy due to the cavalry attacks. Horses were so valuable that in many instances, the enemy would try to poison them before they got to the battlefield. Despite all the issues and rough conditions, horses were the most cared for animals in the war. They were even rushed to the nearest Royal Veterinarian Corps hospital when they became sick or injured. The men quickly developed a bond with their horses and mourned their loss when they were killed. As Captain Sidney Galtrey, said, “I believe that every soldier who has anything to do with horse or mule has come to love them for what they are and the grand work they have done and are doing in and out of the death zones.” It was expensive to ship horses across the English Channel so many of the horses were sold, some to butchers or farmers for very little money so that they didn’t have to transport them. This is one of the worse ways to treat animals that gave their lives to those involved in the war. Some soldiers gathered all of their money together to bring their favorite horses home so that they would have the life they deserved after what they did in the

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