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NUGUID, Jeremiah L. MLS 1-1 Plagiarism-free 40% Contents 40% Style/Format 20% 1. Introduce the book The fiction novel Divergent is the first book in the Divergent series written by New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth. The word “divergent” is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “differing from each other or from a standard.” In the preface, Roth dedicates her work to her mother, referencing the main character in the story and her relationship with her mother. Some copies of the book have bonus materials, which include a question-and-answer with the author, quotations that inspired the author to write divergent (including Roth’s explanation of each quote), a playlist of songs which the author relates to important plot points in the story, writing tips from the author which include a series of stages, questions about…show more content…
Tell about the book, but don’t give way the ending! Divergent is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the city of Chicago, where a dystopian society had risen from the ruin. The members of the “new” city are classified into five factions who value a certain trait and blame its opposite for the downfall of the previous sodality: Abnegation, those who value selflessness and despise self-indulgence, Amity, those who cherish peace and abhor violence, Candor, those who prize truth and loathe duplicity, Dauntless, those who treasure bravery and abominate cowardice, and Erudite, those who value knowledge and detest ignorance. Each faction contribute to each other’s needs; Abnegation yielding selfless government leaders and charity workers, Amity providing industrious farmers, Candor having truthful judges and lawyers, Dauntless supplying fearless soldiers for protection, and Erudite, providing intelligent teachers and researchers. There are also the factionless, those who do not see themselves fitting in any of the factions. They live in poverty and do the work that most citizens elude, such as janitors, garbage collectors, and the

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