Naivety In The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, And Rapunzel

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The Role of Naivety in Fairy Tales Naivety is a theme that is regularly found in protagonists throughout fairytales. The three tales I have chosen to analyze are The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, and Rapunzel. The three characters of these tales Ariel or the Little Mermaid, Anna, and Rapunzel, respectively, use their naivety to woo the people they come into contact with to help them out on their struggle to make it to their destination. Naivety leads characters to pursue an impossible task into hazardous places because they are unaware of the consequences and dangers. The protagonists in the other tales are all sheltered, naïve, and curious. And, in all of the tales, this leads them to endanger themselves and others around them. In Disney’s The…show more content…
Anna’s ignorance keeps her from ever reconnecting with her sister, until one day their parents die and the kingdom is forced to open their gates for Elsa’s coronation. Elsa, after not being able to control her powers, accidentally freezes all of Erindale and forces it into an eternal winter. Anna, naively assuming she can track down her sister, sets off into the dangerous, snow covered mountains. Her first obstacle is the terrain and snows itself. It slows her down and makes it hard for her to continue, until she meets an ice miner who helps her along in her journey. They eventually make it to the castle of the Snow Queen who then quickly banishes them with the help of a giant snow golem she created. Anna’s naivety and brevity lead her to keep pursuing her sister. Naivety also keeps Gerda from really knowing what has happened to Kay in Andersen’s The Snow Queen. Gerda, unaware to the fact that Kay has a piece of the looking glass in his heart and eyes, thinks Kay is just ignoring her. She then cries and washes out the piece of glass in his heart, and his own tears wash away the glass in his

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