Maxis Berhad Case Study

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1.0 Introduction The Maxis Berhad has provided training and development programmed to their voluntary or compulsory staffs to attend it. Training and development which mean programmed offered within organization designed to improve performance, capability, capacity, productivity and fulfillment of employee. Furthermore, this is an educational process. Through training, employees can acquisition of skill, competencies and knowledge become a result of the teaching of practical or international skills and information related to especially useful ability. For example, it will help employee learn more advance technical, latest information and reinforce existing knowledge to make them more efficiently and effectively. Organization has take action…show more content…
Training express as a prime opportunity to enlarge the knowledge but the development opportunities is expensive for the employers. It target specific goals which are comprehension an operating and process for certain technology such as machine or system. Maxis Berhad have powerful advocates of continuing education because from year 2010 to year 2011 June, Maxis Berhad had spend RM15.5 million on training and development for their employees. Furthermore, through training and development Maxis Berhad had creating a pool of future leaders such as crete leader from within for example qualities need to improve to move beyond mobile into the future of integrated play. The objectives of this research for this topic which is training and development are more understand the important of the training and development , and how proper using it to improve our standard of living. We hope can explore about the factors influencing training and development, acquaint the training and development process, methods, and delivery systems, and finally we want know through the training and development have what advantages and disadvantage for the…show more content…
It prepares employees to keep pace with organization as it changes and grow (Mondy, Human Resource Management (13th Edition), 2013). 2.1 Identify and discuss the relevant theories or concepts that are associated with the topic in study Training and development (T&D) are very important for any companies or organizations, it is because the concept of the T&D is to expand knowledge to improve employees’ work performance and also to ensure employees’ efficiency and effectiveness in the company (Art Of The Start inc, n.d.). Training is to help the worker to improve essential skills required in a certain job. By training it is not only can help them easier to achieve specific goals or target but also can make them easy understanding the process and operating in certain machine or system (Art Of The Start inc, n.d.). Development is on the other way to put prominence on broader skills, which are applicable in a wide range of situations. Developments are includes how to make a decision, critical thinking and how to manage people (Art Of The Start inc,

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