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Have you ever thought why did our government accept the two pandas, Feng Yi and Fu Wa, from the People’s Republic of China which are renamed as Liang-Liang and Hsing-Hsing? The pandas are one of the symbol of diplomatic in China known as “Panda Diplomacy” and has been practiced since Tang Dynasty in the 7th century. There are already 23 pandas has been gave to nine country as a diplomatic gift to strengthen the diplomatic ties. Recently Malaysia has received two pandas from the People’s Republic of China after the Malaysian and Chinese government make deal on June 15 2012, for the pandas to be loaned to Malaysia as a mark for 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The pandas arrived at Malaysia on April 15 2014 and being quarantine for 30 days before showed to the…show more content…
The government should think about this disadvantage because it could harm the diplomatic relations between both countries. The pandas are only loaned to Malaysia and it will be given back to China. It could cause an argue between both countries and may damage the Malaysia’s reputation. Secondly it is too much money is used to make the pandas enclosure. The cost to build the pandas enclosure is almost RM25 million and it is so high and not relevant just for two pandas. The money can be used for a better purpose. For example make a place for the poor people or help those who need to use money. Furthermore, the building cost for the panda house can be reduce if the government know how to build it simple but useful. The last one is it would be a waste if the pandas not breed and it has to send back to China. The government should think about this possibility if the panda did not breed. Idris (2014) stated that a panda has a very poor reproductive performance in captivity. It would be a big waste of money and the country debt could be

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