Differences Between Rap And Pop-Rap

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A sub-genre of pop-rap has emerged in recent years that combines the individualism of rap and the catering to the masses that pop provides. Pop-rap has become a mainstream success. The success shows with its growth as a genre. Drake is a pioneer of the pop-rap genre. As a pop artist he started collaborating with rappers to enhance his songs. Giving them a few lines with a change of beat. This is now commonplace in pop-rap. The mold was created, and is now being followed by the rest. Trying to differentiate from rap and pop individually. In this sub-genre one might see the subtle collisions of the two main genres. It’s not worth arguing whether or not a genre of music is objectively better than another. However, pop music has an enormous following, rap music is a more expressive genre. Rap and Pop music are two types of music divided by mold each genre follows. There’s nothing really that says they do, it just kind of happens. Then is picked up and that mold what happens within the genre. In this effect, the two genres are becoming more and more like each other. Which is how a sub-genre combining two has been created. Rap and pop share a similar instrumental style. Using…show more content…
In both rap and pop, you will find many songs about women. Pop has a tendency to sing about how they are supporting the singer, like in “Cheerleader” by Omi. Therefor is being a more accessible genre. By way of contrast, rap tends to elicit a more negative response. Singing about the difficulties they cause the rapper. In pop, one could find an entirely different market for songs. Songs about summer or heartache are predominately found within the pop genre. These sorts of songs are the most popular radio songs. Whereas, a rapper might sing about the hardships he faced growing up or currently faces. In “Stan”, Eminem tells a story about his biggest fan going to commit suicide. It is a brilliantly dark piece of art you wouldn’t find in the pop

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