Safely Operate Motor Vehicles

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SITUATION: IS THIS SOMETHING THAN CAN BE LEGISLATED? *Identify the problem/concern: As the populations ages, motor vehicle incidents with the elderly are increasing, due to a significant portion of the elderly are experiencing medical problems, such as diminishing eyesight and slower judgment time that can directly impact their ability to safely operate motor vehicles. In order to ensure safety for all drivers, a mandatory testing program to evaluate each individuals ability to safely operate motor vehicles. *State your proposal/idea: Require regular testing for vision and competency for drivers age 65 and over or anyone who has been diagnosed with conditions, which may effect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Renewal periods are already in place for licensing across the…show more content…
Elderly drivers (65 +) will perform vision exams and competency testing at the local DMV without the option to mail-in renewal documents. BACKGROUND: DO YOUR RESEARCH *Include studies, reports, personal experience, or anecdotal stories related to your proposal: The other day, I witnessed an older woman who nearly caused several car accidents without being aware of her driving was effecting those around her. She made an abrupt right turn and had the driver not been paying attention to her, she would have proceeded to hit his car, I was behind that car, I had hit the brakes, the driver honked his honk and the elderly woman did not glance nor did she make any indication that she heard the honk or was aware of what almost happened. Then she proceeded to enter a shopping center through their exit not entrance, she faced on coming traffic and just maintained her course, luckily all the people driving were aware of this elderly lady and

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