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MTV has media outlets all around the world that demonstrate the different countries cultures. I decided to focus on the popular music of the United States and Mexico and the differences between those two cultures. Sometimes it seems as though Mexican culture is completely different from the United States and other times they mirror each other. When it comes to the pop music industry, there are some striking similarities as well as differences. The song “Esta Canción” by Isabella Castillo, is a simple love song about how in love she is and how her love makes her life so much better. This theme is seen across all kinds of music, and the type of pop music Castillo writes is also seen in many cultures, especially in the United States. It’s mostly electronic-sounding instruments in the background and the singing is mostly belting and some riffing. Other than…show more content…
It seems to me that with all the events happening in our country surrounding racism in recent months, white-dominated companies and industries seem to try and make themselves seem less systemically racist by putting black culture in the spotlight. In this way, these companies are trying to combat the “homogenization of culture (Croteau & Hoynes, 2015)” that the book discusses. They are trying to show that even in one country, there are many cultures. I watched “Bandit” by Justine Skye for the United States video; the name itself is fairly self-explanatory; it’s about how, after someone tries to hook up with her, she surprises them by turning the situation around and making it a “stick-up.” The song itself is much less fluffy than “Esta Canción” in both lyrics and style. The music of “Bandit” is much more down-to-earth and beat-centered than “Esta Canción.” It has more of a hip-hop or rap vibe coming to it. The way that Skye sings is almost closer to speaking than singing, while Castillo sings every

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