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I. Intro A. Attention Getter: Through the Wire is the debut single of American hip-hop artist, Kanye West, which was recorded two weeks after being admitted from the hospital from his near-fatal accident. He recorded the song with his jaw still wired shut. B. Revealed Object and Speaker Credibility: This Album represents the transition from “gangster rap” to modern hip-hop. As someone who is an avid listener of 90’s rap and rnb and of today’s music, I would like for people to have a better understanding of the shifting of the culture. C. Thesis: By learning about The College Dropout, you will have a greater understanding of its impact on hip-hop culture and modern culture. D. Preview of Main Points: First, I will discuss the College Dropout, and how it shifted hip-hop culture. Then, I will discuss how I identify with both this culture and The College Dropout. I. II. Body A. Main Point 1: The College Dropout was the catalyst that shifted and continues to shape modern hip-hop culture. 1. Sub-point 1: Kanye West’s College Dropout served as the middle ground for rap enthusiasts who could not identify themselves with the gangster rappers or the conscious rappers of the time. The College Dropout bridged the gap…show more content…
Sub-point 1: At a young age, I was exposed to 90’s hip-hop culture and the Latin music culture. I wasn’t sure which one to identify myself with. Family parties always had music blasting, people dancing and drinking. It seemed like a lot of fun, however so did hip-hop culture. I was raised under my uncles, so I always heard 90’s rap and hip-hop when they would watch over me. Something about that era of hip-hop and rap stuck with me because even today I remember the music and the moments with them. I remember riding in my uncle’s black Silverado while he was bumping Snoop Dogg and Tupac, I remember riding in my uncles white Mustang while he would bump Eminem and I was nodding my head to music. I felt our family bonds grew and I appreciated those

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