Difference Between Process Innovation And Process

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INTRODUCTION: Innovation plays a pivotal role in the contemporary world, which requires harnessing the efforts to keep up with changes in the market and to continue to introduce new products touch the lives of more people steadily. The innovation in the consumer products sector, the lifeblood of any company want to enjoy a sustainable future, the only means to keep abreast of market developments is the follow-up to the constant development requirements of consumers, if not proactive. PRODUCT INNOVATION AND PROCESS INNOVATION: Innovation means "an idea or an application or a new thing from the perspective of the individual or organization that will adopt the innovation." This means that the idea of view might be known to other individuals or…show more content…
And the meaning of (acceptable to the market) that any viable and implementation, and can be traded at a relatively acceptable. For example, think of the production of new car with new type of power is unquestionably, the final product (the car) met for the practical application of the sales price acceptable to the market, this innovation also become innovative. Hence, we conclude that innovation is characterized by creativity in terms of the ability to practical application. Product innovation means developing a completely new product or improves products or services and is limited to the results of the process, which is the product. The innovation process they find a new way to achieve results on a generally accepted in a different way by not touching the final product, but it is a way to highlight the improvement of the product to the consumer. This can be improved due to the use of new techniques and new equipment. Bruce, T. Klaus, G.…show more content…
(www.corporate.marksandspencer.com) Marks & Spencer Company was in dire need of innovation in the provision of their products, whether the cloths or food. This is due to the primitive method, which was used by Marks & Spencer in operations where registration outdated systems lead to errors and lack of follow-up and the difficulty of understanding the risks before they occur branches, posing a real threat to the company's performance and the extent of customer satisfaction with regard to access to product on time and quality required. So it was imperative for the company to keep track of innovation policy in the run operations, where he was previously used Food stock adjustment system (FSA), which does not meet the needs of customers and management with required information for available products and stock in the

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