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Settlements Maps of world cities: New York: Population : over 19 million people London: Population: over 8 million people Tokyo: Population: over 13 million people Los Angeles: Population : over 18 million people Amsterdam: Population: 1 million people What is a concept of a World City? A concept of a world city is an idea of cities all around the world that are popular and known as business, cultural, political, and economic cities, with big populations. World cities grow because companies have the ability to access knowledge which helps enterprises flourish. The concept of a world city in 1 sentence: A city that has global, cultural and economic significance, often having a high cultural…show more content…
Back in the days people would trade all around the world. Now they have many more functions Resort: Southport was a popular Victorian seaside resort, although it now has many functions and is a commuter settlement for Liverpool. Our opinion about the locations of the world cities and megacities: Hinata: My opinion about the location of the world cities and megacities. World city: -It is usually located in the capital city. For example Tokyo is a world city and it is the capital of Japan. - They need a big amount of land, because world cities mostly have a big population, so they need land to make food and a place to sleep. Megacities: - Megacities can have richer and poorer ones. Richer megacities can have big population, fulfilling residences and big land. But poor megacities can have big population but not much land, crumbled up and ended up in a megacity. Zehra: My opinion about the location of world cities and megacities. World cities and Megacities: World cities and Megacities are most likely, almost always, located in the capital of the country, or the most popular. Ex Amsterdam is a world city that is located in the Netherlands, and is the capital, or London is a world city and it’s the capital of

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