Deterioration In Macbeth

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The story of Genesis within the Old Testament of the Bible explores The Fall of Man as a result of giving in to temptation. Eve is tempted by the serpent, Satan, to eat an apple from Tree of Knowledge despite being forbidden to do so by God, thus resulting in the eternal damnation of man. Throughout literature, there are many allegorical references to this story. Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1606) epitomises this Biblical story, through which the playwright presents Macbeth’s fall from grace as a result from the ambition to become king, aided by the temptation from the three witches and his wife, Lady Macbeth. One author has stated that Macbeth is a play ‘about evil which is given dramatic shape by the story of the deterioration in sin of a man…show more content…
He is first described by other characters as ‘brave’ and ‘valiant’ in the first act of the play. These are the characteristics of a heroic soldier, one that has led men in to battle and won their respect, thus his temptation and downfall contradicts this image as it depicts him as weak. Like most Jacobean tragedies, the audience needs to be able to see a hero’s nobility and valour at the start of the play in order to be able to appreciate his fall from grace and corruption, thus making the play more dramatic and impactful as a result of giving in to temptation This image is equivalent to that of Adam when he is first created by God in Genesis, a portrayal of the keeper of the Garden of Eden, above all the other creatures. Immediately after Macbeth encounters the witches, symbols of the devil and temptation, his fall from nobility begins as he plans to overthrow Duncan. Both Adam and Macbeth give into temptation, led astray by the women, or the temptresses, in their lives. On the other hand, it could also be interpreted that Shakespeare presents Macbeth as the Devil, just as Satan was a fallen angel banished from heaven and cursed to the life of a snake. In Revelation (12:9), it is written that ‘the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil […] was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him’ . Similarly, Macbeth has fallen from his respectful status and descended into

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