Similarities Between Macbeth And The Woman In Black

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Pieces of literature often show relationships involving the supernatural. In Macbeth (1606), Shakespeare shows how Macbeth is his profound and mature vision of evil. The play is the study of the downfall and damnation of a man. It shows Shakespeare's art, evolving from a deep understanding of the complexity of human nature. The supernatural also plays an integral part in the structure of the plot. It provides a basis for action, an insight into Macbeth’s character and affects the impact of numerous scenes. In contrast, in Susan Hill’s novel, The Woman in Black (1983), she shows how the ghost of Jennet Humfryes attempts to seek revenge and solace for the injustice that was done to her in her past life and to her son. Also how Arthur Kipps, a…show more content…
But because of his stubbornness to believe in the supernatural and not taking heed of people’s warnings, he goes to Eel Marsh house and ends up having to deal with the horrifying death of his wife and child. Page 1 Throughout Macbeth and The Woman in Black, the supernatural causes the deterioration of Macbeth’s and Arthur Kipps’ sanity, both to the point of extreme madness and it even leads Macbeth to the point of no return. However, Arthur Kipps does recover as he is telling his tale years later. The supernatural also leads Macbeth to the point of ordering the murder of an innocent wife and child, ‘give to the edge o' the sword His wife, his babes.’ (Act IV Scene 1) It can be said that if Macbeth had never met the three witches (a supernatural element used), he wouldn’t have thought to murder King Duncan which slowly led to him becoming mentally unstable and performing the despicable act of murdering Macduff’s wife and son and killing his best friend Banquo. That is just one piece of evidence which demonstrates how much the supernatural affects the play. The witches also told Macbeth to ‘Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.’ (Act IV Scene 1) This meant that Macbeth performed the unforgiveable act of killing Macduff’s…show more content…
A ghost is believed to be a soul or spirit that remains connected to the mortal realm because it is attached to it through unfinished business or an unwillingness to move on. The reasons why it is believed that ghosts remain connected to the mortal world strongly relate to the ghosts featured in Macbeth and The Woman in Black. Because Macbeth ordered Banquo’s death, ‘With barefaced power sweep him for my sight,’ Banquo has unfinished business with Macbeth which is why he ‘torments’ Macbeth at the feast and why he might be unwilling to move on. Similarly, in The Woman in Black, Jennet has her son taken away from her and then he dies which may be the reason she has an unwillingness to move on. She also has unfinished business with the people of the town that let it happen to her, (what she

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