Shakespeare's Macbeth-The Deterioration Of Lady Macbeth

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The Deterioration of Lady Macbeth “ Fair is foul and foul is fair” is a famous quote from Macbeth written by William Shakespeare. This quote means that bad is good and good is bad . Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564, in Stratford-on-Avon. William Shakespeare was the third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. He had two daughters and one son. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 28,1582 in Worcester in Canterbury Province. Throughout his life, Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays , 154 sonnets and three poems. Shakespeare died on his birthday but his work still lives on till this day. Shakespeare wrote plays that capture the complete range of human emotion and conflict. Lady Macbeth is a dynamic character because in the…show more content…
Macbeth is told that he would be king . He is so excited and informs Lady Macbeth about the news he has received . Lady Macbeth derives this information and immediately begins to prepare her husband for a evil task . Although Macbeth is to complete the deed , she feels as if she has to prepare herself as well “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts unsex me here” (V. 40-41). Lady Macbeth calls upon the spirits to give her courage and evilness to kill King Duncan . She is asking them to make her cold-blooded and cruel. She realizes that Macbeth does not have the manly mentality to kill King Duncan . When she realizes that Macbeth is too kind to complete such a life changing mission Lady Macbeth takes control of the plan and tells Macbeth “to alter favor ever is to fear leave all the rest to me “ (V.72-73). Lady Macbeth is telling her husband not to worry because she has everything under control. So Macbeth takes her word and leaves her to the plotting , According to Roma Gill “ she takes full control of the situation, and Macbeth seems glad to let her have the responsibility” (6).Macbeth trust his wife because he lets her take control of the plan . He is too softhearted to handle such an malicious proposal so he gets someone that is more sinful than he is and Lady Macbeth happens to be the perfect

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