Comparing Tom And West Egg In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Next to hard work, one must fulfill their life. The American Dream is to have everything ever wanted and be happy with this. Tom and Gatsby both struggle with the lack of having this fulfilled life despite the mounds of cash they both hold. The two different parties in East and West Egg show this issue in different manors. Gatsby and Tom use their money to woo girls. East Egg is the more polished of the two Eggs, therefore they hold more private and intimate parties. East Egg is also the home of the “old rich” a term used to identify those who inherited their money. They are put at the top of the status spectrum because they are insured to have earned all this money for a good purpose, as fantasized. Upon arrival at the party, Nick describes the atmosphere as such…show more content…
As Tom is called out by the butler in the story, the attention is shifted to him. Everybody knows about this affair because despite his abusive personality money is used to achieve many girls. This is a desperate un-fulfillment in his life, he is not aware of what he really has till the end when Gatsby attempts to pursue his wife. Similarly, Gatsby lives on the opposite side of Long Island. He strives to achieve his past, which is composed of a female lover. Gatsby had earned all his money so that he could achieve the women of his dreams. He takes this money and spends diligently for the women this women, His parties are described by Nick as “……” (). This busyness and extravagance is the masking of something that he is hiding, more likely to be the bootlegging that he has been rumored to have done to achieve his money. Nobody has ever met the host of the party, this is a notion Gatsby not really wanting these parties and he throws them for an alternative reason. This reason is later identified as a way to woo Daisy into getting back with him. Later Gatsby stops throwing the parties and spends extra cash on Daisy as well as take the fall for her

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