Descriptive Essay On The Storm

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It was a typical day just like every other for the humans about 70,000 years ago. Humans were doing what they do best, surviving, when it happened. All of the clouds parted, all sound stopped, and a plump orange man with a blown off wave of blonde hair appeared across the world. He was everywhere like little holograms in windows, on walls, and in the sky. People froze and stared at on of the images of the man. “Hello my children, yes it is me the one and only… God. Now, now I bet you are surprised to see me but you can stop begging on your knees and asking for forgiveness. As much as I love seeing those who doubted me endlessly apologize, I am here for a reason. Oh I almost forgot I have indeed disguised myself as Donald Trump because he will…show more content…
Thunder let out a loud crack as lightning struck the ground as it took its first victim. Seconds later three or four mile long tornados started to cause destruction. Tsunamis the size of mountains started barreling towards the building and people in them. The sky was pitch black layered with streaks of electric across the seamless black cloud. Sinkholes started popping up out of nowhere snatching whole houses and groups of people with them. The tornados started to have fire build up throughout it slinging flaming objects everywhere. Acid rain started pouring out of the sky burning people’s flesh and eating away the roofs on top of buildings. Random volcanoes roughly rose out of the ground causing earthquakes. Lava shot out of the top of the volcanoes with ease. The bubbly magma began to leak down the sides and cover the ground. Ash flaked across the sky mixing in with the blizzard’s snow that was beginning to form. Bodies started to litter the ground but were immediately covered in snow or burned by lava. Soon after it had all begun, all of the disasters slowly died off. There were no sounds of people just the leftover sizzles of fire continuing to burn. The sky became a clear blue once again and God, or Trump, appeared for the second time looking quite pleased with

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