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755 Words4 Pages Defenisi Roles According to Soerjono Soekanto (1987:221), suggested a definition of the role of the more shows on functionality, adaptability and as a process, so precisely is that a person occupying a position or place in society as well as running a role. While according to Poerwodarminta (1995:571), "the role of the act committed is a person or a group of people in an event". According to the great Indonesian Language Dictionary: "a role is a set of levels that are expected to be owned by a person who is domiciled in the community". Based on the definition above it can be concluded that the role of the Government is the organization that runs the State's tasks and functions of local governance in Nagekeo Regency in this…show more content… The efforts of an archaeological culture and Tourism Office The efforts made by the Department of culture and tourism is with how to promote tourism. Here's how to promote tourism objects are as follows: 1) set the goal of an integrated promotion Promotion of tourist attractions is the area of activities of economic actors in the locality of a particular economy that has the potential of interesting sights. The potential could be outstanding natural beauty, cultural wealth of unique, historic sites, cultural and religious festivities event, as well as potential centres of economic activities, trade and investment that are unique not possessed by other alternative locality. The purpose of this tourism promotion activities should be clearly formulated in the plan or blueprint of the development of the economy of the region, so that will be a barometer for the implementation of the programme of the promotion itself, as well as a reference to money-related activities. The purpose of the promotion of the regional tourism can be categorized into several…show more content…
2) wake up promotion strategies Promotional strategy is the strategic activity of initiative or strategy that will be done to effect the purpose of the promotion of tourism. It contained the meaning insight plan activities that will be held in the medium term, i.e. within one to three years into the future. In this case the sebaiknnya avoided drafting new initiatives which can be realized in the long term. For the purpose of promoting tourism destination then in general there are several main strategies that can be run by the Government (Department of culture and tourism), among others: -development and establishment of public relations activities -the development and expansion of tourist products -Development of marketing services and tourist attractions -Penetration of the international public relations activities. 3) Deduce the promotion program and perform a

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