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London is one of the greatest cities on the planet. The buzz and excitement in the place is second to none. It’s also one of the technology capitals of the world. It might not have the start-up environment of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But, it is the best place in the world for applied technology. As an avid tech lover, I relish the chance to get down to London for a weekend. There are so many geeky things going on there, it’s hard to fit them all in. London will always be a fast, cosmopolitan city and the new generation of tech companies and workers is becoming more apparent, anywhere you can find free Wi-Fi. Walk into almost any cafe in London these days and you’re bound to find someone working on a bestickered laptop, attached to the Wi-Fi and lost in their…show more content…
The campus has a lot on offer by the way of co-working space and facilities run by TechHub, a cafe for casual meetings run by Central Working and of course lots of activities and hack events on evenings and weekends for people to meet up and work on fun things in their spare time. London to the world London seems bountiful when it comes to innovation, but if you are not convinced, take a look at the breadth of technology start-ups that have been making headlines especially in the Shoreditch London tech city. It might be the nature of a multicultural city, or the ambition of an optimistic sector, but many London start-ups seem to be uncontainable when it comes to expansion. Sports social network TribeSports started in the capital and then opened up in Singapore and well-known success story Moo, the, creators of custom business cards has spread its business globally. It feels a bit isolated outside of London and you have to work a bit harder to get noticed. Hiring and finding office space with like-minded people, proximity to the things you need and people to work with is important, even if the technical infrastructure is something you can find

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