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As I get older, the world of paying bills and working hard is getting closer. This means I must pick a career to pursue and research it. The career I have chosen to pursue after high school is to be a marketing manager. What if I changed my mind? What if I wanted to change majors? Well, that is why I have chosen four backup careers. The purpose is to make it easier for me to have more options. The four back up careers are physician, Dentist, lawyer, and Architect. To be a marketing manager, you have to have a bachelor's degree in marketing or a business administration. Employers might prefer a masters, in addition to having extensive experience in marketing, advertising, brand management, or sales. A membership in a professional organization,…show more content…
The best college to go to is Harvard University, in which you must attend three to four years of undergraduate school, four years of med school, and have three to eight years of an internship. The average salary of a physician is $188,440. Some benefits of being a physician are health insurance, vision, cancer insurance, and PTO days. (paid time off) Dentists require obtaining a bachelor's degree prior to attending Dental school. Dentists commonly take courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry, and microbiology. The University of California is the best school to go to. You must attend four years, and you have to complete further training to become a specialist. The average salary of a dentist is $149,310. Benefits of being a dentist is well and high pay, Autonomy, and a nice work environment. To be an architect, you must complete a professional degree program that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.(in order to be licensed in most states) The best school for an upcoming architect is ITT Technical Institute, and you must attend for five years. The average salary of an architect is $73,090. Some benefits are health insurance, Vacation time, and other common

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