Informative Speech About Tattoos

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SPARX: Tattoos can tell a lot about someone and what they mean to the person who has them. You especially have an assortment of tattoos, do any of them hold meanings for your life or music career? ColdKid: I'd say almost every one of my tattoos holds a meaning to it. I started getting tattoos as a way of telling my story and expressing my true self. I wear some tattoos as scars and others as a reminder for good memories. Probably my most meaningful being the "Struggle" across my knuckles. It really ties in with my music and the way I was brought up. I've learned that no matter how rich or poor, we all struggle in some way. It's important to learn from your struggle and overcome it than to hide or avoid it. A lot of people ask why I tatted my face up, and I tell them it's because I don't want a normal career path. I knew the consequences of doing so, and so that reminds me to maintain my grind twice as hard. Society wanna tell me I can't that my face and make a living, well I'm here to kill that stigma. SPARX: This may not be a part of the idea [laughs], it’s obvious that your style and bad-boy look seems to impress a lot of women that support you. What’s your thoughts about that? Is that a strategy or is it simply just natural? ColdKid: Haha I appreciate that, but it's just my style. I look the way I want, and I can…show more content…
I basically took a bunch of tracks that didn't make Homesick, and threw a few beats from popular artists together and called it a Mixtape. Homesick had been in the making for almost two years and went through close to 50 track changes until I found my true sound that put it together. When I first started making music, I knew I wanted to make something dark, and that people could more so vibe too. Looking at my old shit compared to now, you see the change. It's all the dark emotions I've been wanting to

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