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Growing up in Alabama, Rick Bragg awoke every morning to a nutritious breakfast, followed by backbreaking labor. Later, he would wake up to horrid weather, work deadlines, and the smell of food he could afford. Bragg's memoir All Over but the Shoutin' tells the story of his utterly Southern family, descriptive career in journalism, and explains his difficulty integrating the two. The remarkable thing about his journey is not the defined distinction between his childhood and adulthood; it is the reality that he escaped the poverty of his upbringing. Even though he lived in an impoverished family, his mother was a hardworking, religious woman that influenced his life. The Bragg family grew up with practically nothing. Their father disappears…show more content…
He was taught, “you can’t go through life not liking people because they didn’t have to work as hard or come as far as you did”(227). It only strengthened him and he continued to pursue his dream. Finally, he realized, “nothing they would tell me would make me feel less than proud of who I was or what I had done over the years”(218). Everything that he worked for was to make his mother proud and for her to feel accomplished. After winning the Pulitzer Prize he states, “I thought of a woman in Alabama, who was probably soaking beans and flipping through the King James Bible, a woman who didn’t even know what the Pulitzer was. The glorious thing, this prize was validation of my mother’s sacrifice. It was payment – not in full, but a payment nonetheless – for her sweat, and her blood”(296) and soon after he bought her the house that was the payment in full for him. But, “I had bought this house more to redo the past than to make her dreams come true”(323). What Bragg is really trying to buy for her is a place in the world, a place where Momma Bragg can sit, and be unconcerned from difficulties and degradation the day may bring. He still did not accomplish

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