Lance Drevas Narrative

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September 10, 2016, the day both of Lance’s parents were killed in action by an unexpected Angel from the distance, Lance Drevas only 11 years old, eyes pouring out waterfalls of tears as he just witnessed his parents deaths right in front of him, the workers are trying to calm Lance by saying. “I assure you they’re not dead” and “I’m sure they’re alright” Lance denied it all and counteracted back by saying “I saw everything!, my mom and dad were vaporized by that damn Angel! Don’t tell me they are not dead!” the anger and sorrow in his voice made the workers stop the comforting. Lance turned towards the big monitor, radars shown that it had disappeared. “I’ll join in four years, give me all of my parents equipment and supplies when I join” 2 hours later, the retrieval team came back from the…show more content…
Bell was happy that Eze was gone, he always had a bad aura that surrounded him that it’ll always make Bell uneasy when Eze would rush on over to his station. 48 minutes ago inside Bell’s house… “Psst, Bell, going on a date with the new girl huh?” Jase said teasingly “Keep your mouth shut will you!” Bell replied angrily “Just pulling your leg bro” chuckled Jase while softly elbowing Bell on his right arm “Whatever…” Bell shaked his head and rolled his eyes right after “By the way, Bell...Don’t do anything weird with her, you two are only 17 years old” “What does that mean?!” Bell asked “Oh...Nothing” Jase chuckled and left the living room, then went towards the fridge in the kitchen “Time to go” Bell thought “I’m going now Jase, I’ll see you later” Bell said “Peace bro” Jase replied. Then Bell left the house and headed towards the Central of Eon City, there, Motoba, is waiting for him. “Hey” Bell said “Hello” Motoba said with a smile “Shall we go?” Bell asked “Sure, let’s go” she

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