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Today's “fast fashion” industry is negatively impacting the world in several ways. The impact is felt economicaly, environmentally along with the living and working conditions of the people in third world countries who make the garments. The documentary “The True Cost” is a criticism on the modern day fashion industry. Director and filmmaker Andrew Morgan tries to convince the viewer that the world's fashion industry is in a dire need of change before it is on an unchangeable course. Morgan shows the viewer scenes of terrible working conditions in countries such as Bangladesh and how the workers are mistreated because of the demand for low costs. The documentary also covers the environmental impact that plagues Indian rivers and Chinese air. He finally shows the insanity back in America where the fast fashion industry bares it's teeth, Black Friday. The documentary tries and succeeds at engaging the viewer, but falls short because of the extreme bias that is experienced during the film, and how obvious the fimmaker makes it seem to the viewer.…show more content…
The people that he interviews are, for the most part, for the change of the industry to a more sustainable one that treats the workers in third world countries better. The problem with the interviews is the bias that is shown when the opposite angle is shown to the viewer. Whenever a person who is for the fast fashion industry was shown in the documentary, they were played in the light of a villain. The man and woman they interviewed seemed to have their interview cut so that only what the director wanted was shown. If Morgan were to instead show the good side of the fast fashion industry, such as helping to develop third world countries and grow their economies,

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