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Marisa Weeks Mrs. Toews English Level 1 6 May 2015 Dental Hygienist What would you do if you didn’t have that one person who can clean your teeth properly and teach you how to take care of them? This is the job of the dental hygienist. The dental hygienist does many things that include the following: remove tartar, stains and plaque from teeth, apply sealants and fluoride to protect teeth, take and develop X-rays, keep track of patient care and treatment plans, and to teach the patient's oral hygiene techniques, such as how to floss and brush correctly. Throughout my life I thought about being a doctor, but seeing pictures and videos of them doing certain surgeries kind of grossed me out a bit. So, I compromised and thought about a dental…show more content…
Because I want to be a dental hygienist, I looked all this up for my future career. The job of a dental hygienist didn’t come about until 1913 when a man, Dr. Fones, established the first dental hygiene program in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After a two-year program 27 out of the 34 women enrolled were ready to graduate(Timeline). Dr. Fone also designed the term “dental hygienist” because he believed it described the person who is versed in the science of health and prevention of disease. This was the start of all future dental hygienists. As the years went on more and more U.S. states licensed dental hygienists and by 1926 thirty states had licensed this career. In 1935 it was recommended that you have a high school graduate as a…show more content…
According to “I Have A Plan Iowa” the level of education I would need is an Associate’s Degree; I could also aspire for a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree if I desired. Most dental hygienists just take a two year college program for their training, but the best jobs go to the hygienists who go to a four year college program for training. An ideal strategy for taking classes as a dental hygienist would be the following: biology, chemistry, human anatomy, oral hygiene, oral anatomy, and radiology. To receive my education I would like to attend the University of Iowa, specifically in the college of dentistry and dental clinics. From here I would like to obtain a four year education level so that I will have more job opportunities when I graduate. I understand to officially become a dental hygienist I must take a written and clinical examination to be licensed in the state that I desire. From the four years of education I can go into research, administration, marketing, sales, and even teaching about oral hygiene. However, to be successful I need to have certain skills. To acquire these there are basic skills I would need to achieve. Only speaking is required on a level five, active listening and critical thinking is needed in level four. Reading comprehension, writing, active learning, and monitoring are level three. Science and Learning strategies are necessary for

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